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Data is the foundation for measuring and validating systems and predicting patterns or trends. Yet the typical school website design process is often based simply on 'what looks nice' or 'that other school's design.' The result--websites that fail to showcase unique brand experiences, engage different audiences, or deliver against individual objectives. 

 The Design By Data™ Methodology

Our data scientists created the Design by Data™ methodology to solve that problem. This cutting-edge approach combines human-centred design, data science, visualization, and simulation methods. Although the concept is complex, our process is straightforward. The insights are easy to understand, so we can collaboratively arrive at creative interpretations and outcomes.

The Creative Journey

Before we work on designing your website, we'll take your team on a journey of digital discovery to get a comprehensive understanding of your visitors, their needs, your stories, and your desired outcomes. Our designers then allow the data to constrain and influence their work. It empowers them to build empathy for each visitor's experience across various contexts.

The Project Phases

1. Discovery & Data Analysis
2. Journey Mapping
3. Goals & Objectives 
4. Design & Launch
5. Amplify & Iterate

The Outcome

Ultimately, you'll have a bespoke website built specifically for your audiences, objectives, and brand. That means genuinely engaging, personal, and effective digital experiences, a dynamic content strategy, and a website that gets more and more effective over time. 

If your school is looking at creating a more meaningful, immersive and engaging digital experience, please get in touch.

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