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A new approach to creative - introducing Design by Data™

Traditionally, we use data as indicators to measure and validate the systems we build and to predict patterns or trends.

However, at Ubiq we recognise that data, especially in the context of independent schools, presents a unique opportunity for an entirely new approach.  An example that makes use of data as a creative material that can be integrated into the process of ideation and the iteration of digital experiences. We call this methodology Design by Data™.

Design by Data™ has been created from the ground up by Ubiq's very own team of data scientists. It is designed to take you and your school on a journey of digital discovery, questioning everything, ruling out nothing and centred in on moving your school away from the inevitable outcome of designing without data – the static, inaccessible and isolated school website that you have today.

This methodology has revealed to us at Ubiq that our designers who work with data do so in reality. They allow the data to constrain and influence their work. Their decision-making becomes more informed, implementation details are more carefully considered and edge cases are solved. Perhaps most importantly, this approach empowers our designers to build empathy for how your visitors will actually experience things, in the variety of contexts in which they are consumed. The overall outcome:  more viable, engaging and effective digital experiences.

Whilst there is little doubt that designing and building a methodology like Design by Data™ is highly complex, cutting edge and involves combining methods from human-centred design, data science, visualisation and simulation (not words we imagine the average school marketing department uses day-by-day or that most school website design companies would understand), we've designed the process so that implementing the methodology is incredibly straight forward to do, the insights generated from the process are very easily understood - and the creative interpretations and outcomes concluded from it are arrived at collaboratively.

If your school is looking at ways to create a more meaningful, immersive and engaging digital experience then please get in touch.

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